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So, part of my goals for 2011 were to respond to more [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration prompts.  I'm a little late for the one I wanted to respond to this week, and even missed the reading day post, so I'm posting here and will link to the original prompt.  Hope you enjoy. :)


Saturday dawned as a bright, sunny, spring day.  The kind of day that was perfect for spending at the park, or fishing at the local pond.  John sprang from bed, got dressed and woke Alfred and Alistair to get them ready.  It would truly be a shame to spend the day indoors.

The phone rang as they were eating breakfast.  Noting the number on the caller ID, John answered hesitantly, his expression becoming serious as he listened.  With very little exception, John didn’t have to work on Saturdays.  Today would have to be an exception.  A drop needed to be made, and he had to be the one to make it.  He took in the information as it was relayed, a slight smile returning as he realized the job wouldn’t ruin the day as he had originally thought.  The drop would be at the museum.  He could bring the boys along, make the drop, and then they could all head to the park.  He loved it when a plan came together.

They arrived at the museum about an hour earlier than he needed to be there.  The boys enjoyed looking at the artwork, but were not as enthralled about reading the various explanatory placards.  After about 45 minutes of admiring the beautiful pieces, they were ready for something more active.  John took them outside to the small set of swings that were set up for just that purpose.  He gave them instructions to stay by the swings and to play nice and headed for the gardens where his contact was supposed to be.

Rounding the corner of the museum, he made his way around the path toward the secluded seating area and was captivated by the most beautiful thing he had seen all day.  She was sitting on the bench, tall and regal, her red hair glinting in the sunlight, her skin a shade he had never seen before. 

“Are you enjoying the exhibits?” he asked.  She probably wasn’t his contact.  At least he hoped not because he couldn’t remember what the code phrase was that he had been instructed to say.

“Yes, immensely so,” she replied.

A few more exchanged phrases and she extended her hand in formal greeting.  “Lily Doran,” she offered.

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Awww, yay!

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Thank you. :)

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