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I was a bit out of pocket last week when there were birthdays, but I wanted to get wishes done and posted.

So, here are a few twins, wishing twins happy birthday!  Hope you guys had great birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday De!

Happy Birthday Casey!

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Early, because I'm not sure I'll make it on the interwebs tomorrow.

I finally found a use for the lot you created at Christmas!  YAY!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
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Cruising space, looking for signs of their great-great-great (not sure how many) aunt Donna!

Hope you had a great day!
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Lily has been practicing her graphics.  She's still not as good at it as you though.  Hope you had a great birthday!

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Hope you have a great day!

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Hope you have a fantastic day!!
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Lily and the kids - well some of them - are here to sing you a birthday song.

Hope you have a fantastic day!
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I figure I'm in just under the wire since it's not yet midnight where I am.

Lily and simAnnie Regency-fied themselves to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Hope it was a great day!
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This is a little later than I planned to have it up, but I feel that my skills are improving and I've made a new resolution to try to get Birthday wishes out for those on my friends list this year.  So, since Fire is first on my list...

Hope you had a great one!
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Happy Birthday Di!  Hope you had a fantastic day!

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