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Part two of my Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy Meta continues.

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Part 1 

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I've put together a Meta/BTS for  my turn at the Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy.  I’m not quite sure where to begin, so I think I’ll dive right in. 

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Part 2 will be up soon...

Since it's close to midnight, please forgive me any glaring grammar and/or spelling errors. :)

Part 2


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Here I sit, on the morning of March 1, with no posted update.  Nope, I didn't win CreMo.  I'm a bit upset about it, but not overly depressed.  I wanted to finish up my turn at the BRRL, but knew that I would basically have three weeks in the month to do so.  Nevermind that BRRL updates should have been posted every 2 weeks or so and I've had this generation for close to six months now.  I actually debated long and hard about whether to try it at all, and finally decided to participate at the very end.  I'm glad that I only set BRRL as my goal instead of the delusional pace I was thinking of.  Those are projects best saved for later. :-) 

The good news is that the final chapter should be done this week.  I have 127 slides written, 90 of them with pictures, so all I have left is three more major scenes before I can send it to proof-reading.  I had a horrible time with this chapter and writer's block.  There is a lot of time covered in the chapter and it was difficult to try to come up with ways to not make it all about birthdays.  I also didn't want to draw it out into two chapters.  Characterization is also one of the parts of storytelling that I find difficult and I kind of did myself in by having so many characters to work with.  I have a clear picture of them all in my mind, but translating that to the story is always hard for me.  I had marathon sessions of playing and writing on Saturday, Sunday and last night, but for some reason, it seems like I got an extra dose of sleepy sand from Mr. Sandman and just could not stay awake.


This was a great idea and actually really fun and I hope that it continues next year. 

Now, if we could institute a cc cull every six months...


Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:20 am
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I have a turn in the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy coming up.  Granted, I'm like sixth or seventh down on the list and probably won't have my generation until July or August or later, but I decided to play some of the families in Desiderata Valley - my assigned neighborhood - so I could get a handle on their personalities and how they interact with each other and get a general feel for the neighborhood.  I've plunked families down there in the past and played them, but never really played the Maxis houses before.

In my mind, I've picked two of the characters as a potential spouse for my turn with the Doran heir depending on the heirs gender preferences.  Anyway, last week, I was playing one of the non-potential spouse houses, and my PS was invited over for a booty call which resulted in a pregnancy.  With a romance sim involved.  Beyond the WTF?! and OMG!! I started thinking maybe I could use this in the future story.  After all, it really was a one night stand.  Neither Sim involved is even at crush status.  My other option would be to replace the neighborhood folder with a new, clean version of Desiderata Valley before it's my turn in the BRRL.  I've got concerns with that option though because I replaced my Strangetown, Pleasantville and Veronaville folders with clean folders (from another user on the computer who never plays the game) and now they're not showing up at all when I open the game to play.  I suppose a third option is to use the "morning after" option that ACR comes with, but I have a real problem with that in RL and just can't bring myself to do it to pixels either.

So, I guess I'm looking for opinions regarding what to do, and to find out what previous authors did in game when a curve ball was thrown their way.  I've got time to figure out more of the story, but I'm nervous about my turn.  I'm following a lot of huge footsteps here.

Also, I know there are cameraman mode hacks out there to help get better pictures.  What exactly do they help with?  What do you use if you use one?  Is there one that is better than the others? 



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