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I has a sekrit project I am working on.

Shhhhh...... )

A little RL dribble drabble if you want to read it. )

Hope everyone else is doing o.k. :-)

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Okay, so, here is a real sim related post. :-)

Chapter 10 of the Doublet Legacy is below the cut for your reading pleasure. At least I hope it's reading pleasure. I tried to upload to Slideshare, but when I tried to check the upload, it kept freezing up my computer. So, after first writing the chapter to try to upload to the borked exchange, and then re-creating it in power point to upload to Slideshare, I present my third attempt.

Part 1 )

This was too big for one post, so part two follows. 

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Here is the continuation of Chapter 10. It would be helpful if you read Part 1 first. :-)

Part 2 )
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This is my first real picspam, and it will be a little spoilery for the chapter I've yet to write, but I wanted to share and I figured with the exchange throwing fits it would take me a little longer to post a chapter anyway.

Don't worry, nobody else knows these sims either. :) )
I'm hoping to have a chapter put together soon, but make no promises.  I'll be taking the laptop with me on my long weekend, but there's also a lake there, so I might not get any play time in.

Hope everyone who has a long weekend is going to enjoy themselves!!
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I finally have uploaded a few pictures to share from the Potpals. 

Generation Six has arrived. )
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Random thoughts from my day.  Most of these relate to life in general.  Just warning you.  I'm using cuts in the interest of length, and in case some of my random thoughts don't interest anyone.

NaNoWriMo started yesterday, and while I find the whole idea very intriguing, I am way too chicken to actually try it.  I think I might try to post to LJ each day instead, just to see if I really have enough to say to be able to write anything worth writing.  I might not make all the entries public though.  I know I already missed the first day, but we'll see what happens.  Time is a constraint in my life that I have no control over however.  Plus, I have relatives coming to visit at the end of the week, which I'm really excited about, but you know how life gets when relatives come to visit.  Then there's Thanksgiving at the end of the month.  Since my little house is the largest in the extended family at the moment, guess who gets to host Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.  Ding!  Don't get me wrong, I like to do it, but it's a lot of freakin' work.  Not to mention I have the type of husband who likes to start a major remodeling project two weeks before the holiday and then go hunting each weekend instead of working on said projects and various honey-do's.

Well, on to the random thoughts that have filled my day so far: 

Sewing Machines ) 

Nudist Colonies )
Twilight )

Neighbors )
My Sims )

Well, this is long enough I think, so I'm signing off and going to play for awhile.  Before more RL intrudes. :)

How can I get the preview to show me if I have the cut right?  Newb!


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