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Yup, another bandwagon jumper here.  I don't usually make resolutions because it's too depressing when they get broken, but this seemed like a good idea.

Sims Resolutions 2011

1.  Finish up Generation 10 of the BRRL.  This is in progress and should be done fairly quickly.  I have 2/3 of the next update shot and written, just need to get a little more done.  I think there will be two, maybe three, more updates and I'll be done.  Things should move a little more quickly now that the holidays are over.  They seemed to suck away a lot of my free time this year.

2.  Write a BTS/Meta regarding my turn at the BRRL.  I have a bunch of pictures for it already, and know a lot of what I want to discuss, it's just a matter of getting it all put together in a cohesive and coherent manner.

3.  Start a regular 10 generation legacy.  I have one in mind and have even created the founder and played him somewhat.  My working title for it is "Imprismed" and it will be similar to a rainbow legacy in theme.  I've set certain "rules" up for myself pertaining to each generation.  Right now, it's set up to be highly observational and not very plotty.  This may or may not change as I go along.

4.  Get back to my Prosperity Challenge Neighborhood.  Currently titled "Oak Grove", the neighborhood was actually lost in my last computer meltdown.  I've created a new one called "Elm Valley" which is different and I have plans to update the Oak Grove links with a switch to Elm Valley, complete with an explanation of what happened.  Both this and #3 are what I've used to keep playing Sims when I've become overwhelmed with staging and shooting for the BRRL, so there is progress, it's just slow and not very well documented at the moment.

5.  Make Birthday card wishes for friends on my friends list.  This is pretty self-explanatory.  I feel that my set building/picture taking is improving so that I feel comfortable enough doing this now.

6.  Participate more in the various communities I stalk.  I've never been a big commenter on the stories I read, and I'm not sure that I still will leave in depth comments, but I'd like to try to get out more "I really liked this update" comments at the very least.  I'd also like to respond to more [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration  and [livejournal.com profile] sim_scenes  prompts as the mood strikes, and perhaps participate in some of the [livejournal.com profile] simhaven  monthly challenges.

7.  Create an index of what I have written.  Either here at LJ or at the Dreamwidth account that I've set up but never use.

8.  Write more.  This isn't so much sim-related as a general goal.  I have a personal journal set up that I believe has two or three things written in it at the moment.  I'd like to get more written there, both fiction and RL rants.  We'll see.


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