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Nov. 30th, 2010 09:31 pm
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Because I am truly addicted to these types of things, I have stolen it from Cait and Jenn and will probably post it to my Facebook too.

These are 100 great books listed by the BBC. According to them, most people have read only 6.

Instructions: Copy/paste this list of books. Bold the ones you've read in their entirety; italicize ones you've read in part.

The List )

Not too bad, considering my favorite genres are trashy romance bodice rippers, chick lit, and murder mystery "fluff".  There are a few I would have added to the list, but what do I know?
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Seeing all the meme's about who you write like has me jumping on the bandwagon.  I decided to see who I write like and submitted a bit from a "novel" I've been working on and off on for the last ten years.  Writers block, I has it.  Bad.  Anyhoo, the results were Vladimir Nabokov. Since I fail at being able to embed anything into a post, just take my word for it.

In the spirit of fairness and full disclosure, I did also submit a drabble I wrote some time ago and got the result of Stephen King.  I also submitted a bit that I've been working on for my turn in the BRRL and the result was Chuck Palahniuk, who I've never heard of, let alone read, so now I have something to add to my summer reading list as well.  Off to check out
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I do these all the time through email and facebook, so thought I would bring this one over here.

Meme )

I'm not sure if I have 25 people to tag for this, nor do I know how to do so, so if you've read it and feel like filling it out, be my guest.

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Ok, so here is my first post and it is not sim related, but I'm addicted to these types of things almost as much as I am addicted to the sims and food, so here goes.  Hopefully I've figured out the "cut".

Borrowed Meme )
I tried this last night, but was having internet difficulties, so hopefully it worked today.  The preview didn't show the cut, so I'm not sure if that's normal or if it just didn't work.  Ach, I'm such a newb.


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